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Over the Road Transport

Trucking Solutions

When it comes to shipping goods across the country or across town, Custom Pac provides efficient and reliable land transportation solutions that ensure your items reach their destination safely and on time. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the logistics landscape, Custom Pac stands out as a leader in over-the-road shipping.

Over the Road Transport

  • Domestic
  • LTL (Less than Truckload)
  • TL (Truckload)
    • Van
    • Flatbed
  • Specialized Equipment
    • Dropdeck
    • Stepdeck
    • RGN’s
    • Conestoga
    • Oversized Permitted Loads

Custom Pac’s Approach to Trucking

Custom Pac utilizes a comprehensive approach to over the road transport, combining advanced logistics planning, state-of-the-art technology, and a vast network of transportation resources to cater to a wide range of shipping needs. Whether it’s a small package or large-scale freight, Custom Pac’s over the road transport services are tailored to meet the demands and challenges of modern transport.

  • Comprehensive Over-the-Road Services: Custom Pac partners with an extensive network of trusted over-the-road carriers to offer flexible and efficient shipping options. This network includes flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, and dry vans, each equipped to handle specific types of cargo, from perishables to oversized equipment.
  • Customized Routing: Understanding that time is often of the essence, Custom Pac employs advanced routing software to plan the most efficient routes. This not only helps in reducing transit times but also in lowering shipping costs by optimizing fuel usage and driver hours.
  • Cargo Safety and Security: The safety of your items is paramount. Custom Pac ensures that all cargo is securely packed and crated, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking and real-time monitoring systems, allowing Custom Pac and its clients to keep a close eye on the shipment every step of the way.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex web of state and federal transportation regulations can be daunting. Custom Pac takes charge of all regulatory compliance issues, ensuring that every shipment adheres to the latest safety standards and legal requirements.

Benefits of Choosing Custom Pac for Trucking

  • Reliability: With years of experience and a robust infrastructure, Custom Pac offers dependable over the road transport services that you can trust. Regular updates and transparent communication keep you informed throughout the shipping process.
  • Flexibility: Custom Pac understands that no two shipping needs are the same. We offer customizable shipping solutions that can adapt to the unique requirements of each client, whether it’s accommodating sudden changes in the shipping schedule or handling special cargo needs.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Efficiency in logistics not only improves delivery times but also reduces costs. Custom Pac’s optimized routing and load management strategies ensure that you get the most cost-effective shipping solutions available.
  • Customer-Centric Service: At Custom Pac, we believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Our team is committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring that every interaction is positive and every shipping need is met with expert advice and support.

Trucking with Custom Pac

Over the road transport with Custom Pac is more than just transporting goods; it’s about delivering promises and building the trust that your items will arrive safely and on time. Whether your shipping needs are large or small, across long distances or short, Custom Pac is equipped to provide top-tier land transportation solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Choose Custom Pac for over the road transport and experience the peace of mind that comes from working with the best in the business.

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Custom Pac stands as a pivotal partner in ensuring that freight reaches its global destinations efficiently, safely, and just in time.
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Custom Pac just entered into its 30th year. While starting out primarily as a basic shipping center aimed at small businesses, the demands of our customers began to grow.
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Our crates are engineered and fabricated specifically for each object with designs to meet all commercial and international standards using your specifications or ours.
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Innovative packaging calls for many options due to varying conditions and circumstances. Our customers’ needs and requirements help us determine the best possible solution to their packaging needs.