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Custom Pac’s Seamless Pickup and Delivery Services

Your Ultimate Shipping Solution

In an era where the safe and timely transportation of goods plays a critical role in both personal and professional realms, Custom Pac stands out with its unparalleled pickup and delivery services. As part of its full-service packaging and shipping solutions, Custom Pac offers a seamless process designed to cater to the diverse needs of residential and commercial clients alike. From cherished heirlooms to complete art gallery installations and exhibits, Custom Pac ensures every item is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Tailored Packaging Solutions

Upon arrival at Custom Pac’s facility, each item undergoes a meticulous packaging process. Leveraging decades of expertise, Custom Pac designs and fabricates the ideal packaging solution using the proper materials to protect the items integrity. This custom approach ensures that everything from fine art, statuary, and complete exhibits ae shielded against the rigors of transit.

Efficient and Secure Delivery

With the items securely packaged, Custom Pac orchestrates the delivery process, ensuring safe and timely arrival at their final destinations. By partnering with trusted shipping carriers and maintaining close oversight, Custom Pac upholds the highest standards of reliability and security, reinforcing its commitment to excellence in logistics.

  • Residential Services: Handling with Care – Custom Pac’s residential services are distinguished by unparalleled attention to detail, especially when dealing with items of sentimental and financial value. Understanding the irreplaceable nature of heirlooms and artworks, Custom Pac treats every item with the care it deserves, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners across the country.
  • Commercial Services: Meeting Industrial Needs – For commercial clients, Custom Pac offers robust solutions designed to adhere to strict show timelines for galleries, museums, and auction houses.

The Custom Pac Advantage

Choosing Custom Pac for pickup and delivery services means benefiting from a partnership built on reliability, safety, and convenience. Custom Pac’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction makes it a trusted ally in logistics, offering a streamlined solution that addresses the complex challenges of shipping and packaging.

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Shipping Services

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Custom Pac stands as a pivotal partner in ensuring that freight reaches its global destinations efficiently, safely, and just in time.
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Custom Pac just entered into its 30th year. While starting out primarily as a basic shipping center aimed at small businesses, the demands of our customers began to grow.
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Our crates are engineered and fabricated specifically for each object with designs to meet all commercial and international standards using your specifications or ours.
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Innovative packaging calls for many options due to varying conditions and circumstances. Our customers’ needs and requirements help us determine the best possible solution to their packaging needs.