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In the world of shipping and logistics, the security of your items during transit is paramount. At Custom Pac, we understand that each item has its unique dimensions, weight, and fragility, which is why we specialize in providing custom crates, tailored precisely to meet your specific needs. Our custom crates are designed to ensure that everything from delicate art pieces to robust industrial machinery is delivered safely, securely, and without damage.

Why Choose Custom Crates?

  • Tailored to Your Specifications: Every crate is crafted based on the exact dimensions and specifications of the item it will hold. This bespoke approach minimizes movement inside the crate, significantly reducing the risk of damage during transport.
  • Built with Quality Materials: At Custom Pac, we use only the highest quality materials to construct our crates. Whether you require sturdy hardwood for heavy items or lightweight plywood for easier transport, our materials meet international shipping standards, including ISPM-15 certification for international compliance.
  • Enhanced Protection: Our custom crates can be equipped with additional protective features such as shock-absorbent foam interiors, moisture-resistant coatings, and reinforced corners. These features are especially important when shipping fragile items or transporting goods through harsh environmental conditions.
  • Versatility for All Industries: From the fine arts sector shipping priceless artifacts, to the automotive industry transporting parts, or medical equipment needed in life-saving situations, our custom crates are adaptable to any industry and need.

How We Design and Build Custom Crates

The process begins with a detailed consultation to understand your specific requirements. Our team considers factors like weight, dimensions, value, and sensitivity of the items, as well as your budget and delivery timeline. Here’s how we do it:

  • Design Phase: Using precise measurements and specifications, our design team creates a blueprint that optimizes material use and protection.
  • Material Selection: Based on the item’s needs, we select the best materials for construction. This selection process ensures the crate’s durability and the item’s safety during handling and transport.
  • Delivery and Assembly: We can deliver the crate to your location and, if necessary, assist with packing the items to guarantee they are secured properly for transit.

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Custom Pac stands as a pivotal partner in ensuring that freight reaches its global destinations efficiently, safely, and just in time.
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Custom Pac just entered into its 30th year. While starting out primarily as a basic shipping center aimed at small businesses, the demands of our customers began to grow.
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Our crates are engineered and fabricated specifically for each object with designs to meet all commercial and international standards using your specifications or ours.
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Innovative packaging calls for many options due to varying conditions and circumstances. Our customers’ needs and requirements help us determine the best possible solution to their packaging needs.