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Barrier Materials in Shipping Crates

Custom Pac’s Approach

In the ever-evolving logistics and shipping industry, the integrity of shipped goods remains a paramount concern. Custom Pac, a leader in providing innovative packaging solutions for over three decades, champions the use of advanced barrier materials in constructing shipping crates. This approach not only guarantees the safety of items during transit but also aligns with international shipping standards and sustainability goals.

The Essentials of Barrier Materials

Barrier materials are pivotal in safeguarding shipped goods against a multitude of environmental threats. These materials range from vapor barriers, foam inserts, to robust plastic wraps, each selected based on the specific needs of the cargo. Custom Pac leverages these materials to create a protective enclave around products, shielding them from moisture, dust, UV radiation, and other harmful elements.

What degree of protection should you use

Custom Pac offers a variety of options to protect your items including VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor), Marine Shrink Wrap, and Full Vacuum sealed Barrier Bagging.

  • VCI is a fast, economical choice. It’s the ideal use is for lightweight machinery, being stored inside a climate-controlled building to help prevent corrosion.
  • Marine Shrink Wrap is a protective film that is put under heat to shrink and conform to the shape of the item. It is great at shielding heavy industrial machinery from the elements. Items with Marine shrink wrap can be stored outside.
  • Full vacuum-sealed vapor barrier bagging is Custom Pac highest level of protection against moisture and corrosion. The barrier material fully encapsulates the item, the proper amount of desiccant is placed within the bag, and then the bag is vacuumed tight and sealed from the outside environment. Barrier bagging is the best choice if your item has sensitive electronic components.

Fortifying Protection Against Environmental Hazards

Custom Pac’s meticulous selection process ensures that every crate is equipped with materials that offer optimal protection. Moisture, for instance, is a persistent threat to cargo integrity, potentially causing corrosion, mold, or warping. By employing vapor barriers and moisture-absorbing desiccants, Custom Pac crates are designed to maintain a dry and stable environment, regardless of external conditions.

Adherence to Customer Standards

Compliance with customer shipping requirements is a complex, yet crucial aspect of logistics. Custom Pac’s use of barrier materials not only enhances product safety but also ensures that shipping crates meet or exceed customer specifications. This commitment to compliance facilitates the smooth delivery of goods to customers, avoiding costly delays and returns.

A Sustainable Future

Understanding the importance of sustainability, Custom Pac explores and incorporates eco-friendly barrier materials wherever possible. By selecting recyclable and biodegradable options, the company not only protects its clients’ shipments but also the planet. This forward-thinking approach underscores Custom Pac’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Economic Advantage Unveiled

Investing in quality barrier materials might seem like an added expense, but the long-term savings are undeniable. Custom Pac’s strategic use of these materials significantly reduces the risk of damage-related costs, offering a compelling cost-benefit analysis for businesses. The durability and effectiveness of these materials mean fewer claims, replacements, and satisfied customers, underscoring the economic wisdom of Custom Pac’s approach.

Success Stories That Speak Volumes

Custom Pac’s portfolio is rich with success stories where barrier materials have made a difference. From safely shipping heavy industrial machinery across continents to ensuring the integrity of high-tech equipment in harsh environments, Custom Pac’s solutions stand as a testament to the effectiveness of barrier materials in shipping crates.

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