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Custom Pac just entered its 30th year. While starting out primarily as a basic shipping center aimed at small businesses, the demands of our customers began to grow. Knowing the quality of service and the excellent customer service provided by Custom Pac, more and more businesses started asking for specialized packaging services.

Word-of-mouth spread and before we knew it, manufacturers, fabricators, art museums, institutions, freight forwarders, and medical facilities wanted the services we provided. There is a demand for promptness, expertise, quality, and the guarantee that the job will be done right. Our customers knew we could deliver and so we grew and grew. Those requests have shaped Custom Pac into the company that we are today, a full-service commercial and industrial packaging company.

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Yes, we still have our customers from the very beginning that we have forged strong working relationships with but now our customer base has grown to global proportions as we have worked on international projects. Our experience over the past thirty years has enabled us to design and fabricate crates and packages with quality, precision, and cost efficiency. These assets have allowed us to become a valuable link in the supply chain for our customers and their products. We take as much pride in building our product as you do in yours.

Our Team

After thirty years in business, our small business has assembled members of its team whose expertise is unparalleled. We have capabilities of designs engineered on a drawing board or computer, fluency in four languages, and experience in customs and negotiations throughout the global marketplace. Whether your project is personal, commercial or mil-spec, we can design and fabricate even the most difficult jobs. You will also receive individual service from each member of our team throughout the entire project to its finish.

Mission Statement

The mission at Custom Pac & Shipping, Inc. is not to merely deliver a shipping crate but to deliver products and services that will ensure the greatest safety for your product in transit to its destination. Anything, any size, anywhere in the World.


We are members of the Better Business Bureau and have been for many years. This affiliation assures our customers and prospective customers that they will be doing business with a company of the highest integrity and business ethics. We invite you to consult your local chapter regarding the reputation of Custom Pac & Shipping, Inc.

We are also long-standing members of the Chamber of Commerce. We, like them, are dedicated to the promotion of business and commerce in each local area as well as with other affiliates throughout the country.

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Shipping Services

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Custom Pac stands as a pivotal partner in ensuring that freight reaches its global destinations efficiently, safely, and just in time.
Custom Pac Workers in Factory


Custom Pac just entered into its 30th year. While starting out primarily as a basic shipping center aimed at small businesses, the demands of our customers began to grow.
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Our crates are engineered and fabricated specifically for each object with designs to meet all commercial and international standards using your specifications or ours.
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Innovative packaging calls for many options due to varying conditions and circumstances. Our customers’ needs and requirements help us determine the best possible solution to their packaging needs.